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 General Rules for HuMPs Excluding Marilyns Awards (HEMAs) Introduction - Rules - Awards - Access

HuMP - a summit with at least 100m prominence

Marilyn - a summit with at least 150m prominence

HEM - HuMPs Excluding Marilyns - summits with a prominence of at least 100m but less than 150m.

Activation Zone (AZ) - the area within 25m vertically of the summit’s highest point.

Activation - when a radio amateur operates from within the AZ of a summit. The amateur is called the "Activator."

Chase - when a radio amateur operates outside of the AZ and attempts to contact the activator. This operator is called the "Chaser."

HEMA - "HuMPs Excluding Marilyns Award" - This radio programme - awarding ham radio operators for activating and chasing HEM summits.

"Successful QSO" - a contact between a chaser and activator where callsigns and signal reports are correctly exchanged.


General Rules

1. First and foremost these rules are not meant to be exhaustive. Other programmes can be overburdened with endless rules and we hope basing this one on honesty and the "spirit" of amateur radio that it will be easier for all.

2. These rules are written up 12th April 2018 and supplant any previous version. Activations/Chases which were valid based upon older rules are still valid in the database but activity subsequent to the new rules date must abide by this revision. i.e. old points won’t be taken away because they were valid at the time but aren’t now under any new rules.

3. The HEMA programme is available only to licensed radio amateurs who must solely use such frequencies, power levels and modes as are permitted by their licences.

4. Contacts via any "relay" (satellites, repeaters, the Internet, Echolink etc...) are not permitted.

5. The summits used in these Awards must be HEM summits as defined in the HEMA programme. HEMA is expanding all the time and it’s understood the list of summits will increase as we add new DXCCs to the programme.

6. Contacts can take place using any callsign you are allowed to use. For example, you may use a club callsign as long as you subsequently submit to the database using your own account and specify the callsign used.

7. Participation in the HEMA Scheme is on the condition that any activating or chasing is undertaken entirely at the activators or chasers own risk.

8. ALL Award claims are checked and the Awards Manager must, to his satisfaction, be able to verify that the claimed contacts took place.


For Activators

9. Activations must take place within the Activation Zone (AZ).

10. The summit is considered to have been "activated" and relevant points earned (but see 11 below), when four "successful QSOs" are obtained. The four QSOs must be with different stations and operators. This is a noteworthy revision from previous versions of the rules - where four different callsigns were valid. This will stop multiple "contacts" with the same operator holding many callsigns which, it’s believed, is contradictory to the spirit of the programme.

11. Only your first activation of a summit will qualify for a point in the Uniques Table. However, you may repeat your activation of a summit once per calendar year and this will attract a point in the "Qualified" Table. Whilst you might be at liberty to operate from HEMA summits as often as you wish, only those activations that meet the above rules can qualify for points. Awards are available for both Uniques and Qualifying points. Please see the "awards" section for further details.

12. HEMA is a mixture of outdoor pursuit and amateur radio. To this end it's expected the equipment and operator arrive at the operating position by traditional means (walking, cycling, etc…) and the equipment is powered by a portable energy source (battery, solar panel etc…). The "spirit" of the programme here is key. For example, operating from a vehicle or ascending by quad bike is not permitted as a result.

13. Contacts between two or more stations within the AZ on the same summit are not permitted even if that summit is assigned two different references (e.g. on a border between countries).

14. Right of access to summits listed in HEMA must not be assumed. If needed, permission to operate from a summit or to access land must be obtained. (Please see our guidance note on this matter)

15. Activators should always follow whatever guidance exists in the Association in respect of good conduct - e.g the Countryside Code in the UK. As a hobby, amateur radio is regarded with a good level of respect by the wider community. It should be the intention of the activator to uphold this reputation.


For Chasers

16. A valid "chase" occurs when the chaser has one "Successful QSO" with an activator.

17. Only your first chase of a summit will qualify for a point in the Uniques Table. However, you may repeat your chase and accrue chaser points of the same summit once per day and this will attract a point in the Qualified Points Table. Awards are available for both Uniques and Qualifying points. Please see the “awards” section for further details.

* Activators with disabilities who require the use of a motorised device to reach the summit should contact the administrator for advice. Our intention is always to be as inclusive as possible.