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Welcome to the 'logging' section of the HEMA database. In this section you may:

(a) View League Tables for chasers or activators.

(b) Enter, edit or delete entries for your own activator or chaser logs if you are a Registered User.

(c) Create an account to become a Registered User.

League tables show the number of unique/dupe and total summits activated/chased by individuals and the 'Details' button will allow the individual activator or chaser logs for that radio amateur to be viewed. In these individual activator/chaser logs under 'Type' the code indicates:

U = unique (summit has not been activated/chased by that individual before)

D = dupe (summit has been activated/chased by that individual before)

NQ = non qualifying (for an activator, a minimum of four contacts was not made OR for a chaser, the chaser has already claimed that summit for that date).

Non qualifying contacts DO NOT appear in any totals.